The standard for quality and sustainability in polish coffee. Be a part of our quest for ever better brews, and a kinder, more ecological coffee community.

In response to the global COVID-19 outbreak, we have dedicated our debut coffee to cafe workers across Poland who are in crisis. Working with Twoja Widzialna Ręka, 15% of our takings from each purchase will be used to to help those affected find a new way forward.

Your support has so far sent 720.43zl to those who need it, with 156 bags sold!

About Us

Blair and Kasia

(& Jaśiu)

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Blair & Kasia are here with a mission. Both coffee professionals,  we seek to raise the bar of polish coffee. Here's why we're a fit for you:

• Creativity. Drinking specialty coffee should bring new joy. Rather than dully rehearsing of the same practices over and over, we're on the lookout for new ways to improve your experience.

• Transparency. We are committed to giving the coffee producers we work with the opportunity to improve their lives through coffee, just as we hope to improve ours. We hold ourselves accountable by keeping you in the loop. As signatories of the Coffee Transparency Pledge (, we share with you all information on how we relate to our suppliers and the environment.

• Quality Control. From farming practices all the way through to delivery, every step of PALE operations follows a ruthless set of standards to ensure that all of the coffee making its way to you falls within a narrow window of perfection.

Complete information about how we source our coffee and brew guides can be found at our blog

SAM is a combination of restaurant, bakery and deli - born from a longing for honest, original food and longform bread. Making food as they eat it - healthy and using the best ingredients. An icon in Warsawa.

You can find us at any of SAM's three locations:

SLOW: ul. Lipowa 7A, 00-316 Warsaw CITY: ul. Twarda 4, 00-105 Warsaw ŻOLIBORZ: ul. Rydygiera 9C, 01-793


TOCIEKAWA is part of a new wave of specialty coffee in Krakow - offering meticuloisly prepared coffee and cakes while treating their customers as family.

Selecting coffees from across Europe, Tociekawa brings one of the best pure coffee experiences in Krakow.

You can find them between the wedding dresses at ul. Długa 37 31-147, Kraków

Specialty Cafe

POCHLEBSTWO bakes bread. That's their thing.

They do it at a world class level - putting the utmost care into their process and ingredients. 

Head down one morning for the best loaf you'll have all year: Romanowicza 5/LU7b 30-702 Kraków

Artisan Bakery

SZKLARNIA is delightful space filled with plants, books, coffee and treats.

In this relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere hours can slip by happily without anyone noticing.

Get to know Szklarnia at Krowoderska 39 31-141 Kraków

Specialty Cafe