The standard for quality and sustainability in polish coffee. Be a part of our quest for ever better brews, and a kinder, more ecological coffee community.

Through our first physical home in Krakow, Public Order, it is our privilege to share with you our vision.

Think PALE would fit perfectly in your store - or have an idea for co-operation? Collabs are kinda our thing ;)

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About Us

Coffee means encounter, company. Over coffee we make acquaintances, have dates, exchange confidences. Coffee houses gather friends, neighbours, artists - as well as strangers who share only a teste for coffee. Connoisseurs exchange opinions and experiences, look for new flavours and processing methods - they are a vibrant community and with infectious enthusiasm they engage in creating common spaces where coffee is the focal point.

Krakow's Pale Coffee Roasters is just such a place. We like coffee, we understand it and we know how to get the best out of it - similarly, we like people, we consider building a community to be one of the most important human instincts, and by roasting excellent coffee we want to stimulate this instinct and to give it an outlet. We want to go against the current of progressing automation of life and art, commercialization of passions and sensual experiences, alienation in social and professional life - which are felt by many people in the modern world. Specialty coffee, of course, will not cure these ills - but in our case it becomes a means to an end. We cooperate with several Krakow cafés, we have clients in Poland and Europe. We also supply coffee to our sister establishment, Public Order at 41 Mazowiecka street. Both these places occupy an important place on the map of specialty cafés in Krakow, and also become a space for joint work, celebration, fun and artistic activity.

Pale Coffee Roasters meet "over coffee" with people who create graphic, musical and textile projects. We meet café owners, cooks, bakers and confectioners. We meet neighbours, tourists, family and friends. The community gathered around our coffee is diverse and wide. The producers and suppliers are very important to us, and we choose them by looking not only for the highest quality beans, but also for companies that care about the well-being of employees. We build this community based on responsibility, trust and solidarity.

The roastery cooperates with talented artists with whom we share openness to experiments. Together we create multimedia- and multisensory projects. Together we combine flavours and smells, patterns, colours and textures. Our cans become canvas for colourful, cylindrical works of art, which we deliver to our customers along with the coffee enclosed in them. We engage in musical projects, which results in an unusual mix of sounds, images and aromas. New inspirations and ideas are constantly emerging.

Making perfect coffee is an art that gives us joy and satisfaction. However, this process does not begin and end with us at Pale Coffee Roasters. It is something that includes us in the wide world of coffee producers and connoisseurs, in the space of the city, inspires us to artistic searches, allows us to experience life here and now, with all our senses.

ESPRESSO BAR SALVATOR is the new kid on the block. Warm and focused, they keep a ridiculous range of coffees ready so that there's always something exiting to try.

and their cups are delightful!

Get acquainted - just down the road from Jubilat at Tadeusza Kościuszki 23, 30-105 Kraków

Espresso Bar Salvator
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Bits & Beans: Placing top tier coffee alongside vinyl beats & specialty tea in a cozy colour co-ordinated space. We're on deck for the house espresso.

Get in where you fit in at Garbarska 12, 31-131, Kraków - just off Karmelicka

Bits & Beans
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The Place is great - just off main square!

The Place
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SZKLARNIA is delightful space filled with plants, books, coffee and treats.

In this relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere hours can slip by happily without anyone noticing.

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